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 Professional Beauty & Holistic Treatments     






A professional facial not only maximises the function of the skin by improving its appearance, texture and elasticity, but is wonderfully relaxing thereby reducing stress, and so promoting well-being.  Please allow extra time for a full consultation, as well as a relaxation period at the end of your treatment.  All consultations are free of charge.


Classic Facial £16 (40 mins)


Suitable for all skin types.  Includes cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, mask, shoulder massage, tone and moisturise.


Chi Luxury Facial  £20  (50 mins)


A truly pampering facial, starting with superficial and deep cleanse allowing accurate skin analysis.  Exfoliation and toning completes the cleansing process, followed by a relaxing neck, shoulder and lymphatic drainage massage using essential oils. A nourishing mask is applied and takes effect whilst you enjoy a full scalp massage.  Moisturiser and hydrating eye treatment completes this heavenly experience.


Aroma Steam Facial £25 (1hr 10 mins)


A sumptuous treatment combining the Chi Luxury Facial, with the benefits of deep cleansing and hydrating steam, prescription mask and soothing hand massage.  Over 1 hour of bliss!


Ultimate Facial £32 (1hr 20mins)


The ultimate in skincare, pampering and relaxation.  A full back, neck and shoulder massage following by the Chi Luxury Facial.  A truly exceptional treatment, leaving you totally rejuvenated.




Teen Facial £14 (30 mins)  Teen Steam Facial £18 (45 mins)


An educational and reassuring facial, specifically designed to help teenagers understand, and learn how to look after their changing, and often oily, problematic skin.  Diet, lifestyle and aftercare are discussed to encourage favourable, long term results.  Ideal for young ladies aged 12 to 16 years. 




Brow Shaping


Brow Wax (15 mins)               £4.50

Brow Tweeze (15 mins)          £4.50

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A patch test will be necessary at least 24 hours prior to your first treatment.  If you wear contact lenses, you will be asked to remove them, so please bring your lens case, solution and spectacles with you.  Perms need to be carried out prior to tinting with a least 24 hours between the two treatments.


Lash Perm £18 (45 mins)


A safe and comfortable way, to semi permanently give your lashes a flattering, upward curve.  Makes lashes look longer and produces an “open” youthful appearance.  Lasts up to 12 weeks. 


Lash & Brow Tinting


A safe and effective way to semi permanently colour lashes and/or brows.  Ideal pre-holiday treatment, for those with fair or grey hair, or who dislike using mascara.  Lasts up to 8 weeks.


Lashes (20mins)                   £7

Brows (10 mins)                   £4

Lash & Brows (20 mins)       £9




A safe, effective and surprisingly gentle way to semi permanently remove unwanted hair.  A patch test may be necessary at least one hour prior to your first treatment.




          Face & Underarms

½ leg                                                £11.00

¾ leg                                               £14.00

Full Leg                                         £17.00

Bikini                                              £  5.50

½ leg & Bikini                              £15.50

Full leg & Bikini                         £21.00

Brow                                                  £4.50

Lip or Chin                                      £4.00

Lip & Chin                                       £6.50

Brow & Lip                                       £7.00

Brow , Lip & Chin                       £10.00

            Underarms                                      £5.50




Manicure £13 (45 mins)

File, soak, cuticle tidy, moisturise and paint.


Remedial Manicure £18 (1hr)

File, soak, extensive nail and cuticle work, hand massage, moisturise and paint.


Luxury Manicure £20 (1hr)

File, soak, cuticle tidy, exfoliation, softening paraffin wax treatment, relaxing full hand and arm massage, paint.


Ultimate Manicure £25 (1hr 20 mins)

A wonderful combination of luxury and remedial treatments.  Ideal for those whose nails and cuticles require extra attention, giving a complete make-over for hard working, or neglected hands and nails. Includes a seated shoulder massage.


PEDICURES   Please bring open toe shoes with you!


Pedicure £15 (50 mins)

Soak, file, cuticle tidy, rough skin removal, moisturise and paint.


Remedial Pedicure £20 (1hr 10 mins)

File, soak, extensive cuticle work and hard skin removal, foot massage, moisturise and paint.


Luxury Pedicure £22 (1hr 10 mins)

Soak, file, cuticle tidy, exfoliation, rough skin removal, softening paraffin wax treatment, soothing full foot and lower leg massage, paint.


Ultimate Pedicure £27 (1hr 30 mins)

The perfect combination of remedial and luxury treatments, incorporating extensive cuticle work and hard skin removal, to transform tired and neglected feet.  Includes a seated shoulder massage.


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Specialist in French paint for short nails (excluding bitten nails).


French Paint

add £2

Nail Art

from £1

Bridal French & Gems - Hands

add £4

Foils & Strips

from £1

Bridal French & Gems - Feet

add £7

Gems & Pearls

each 25p




Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £15 (30 mins)

Feel the stresses of the day melt away with this soothing massage.  Ideal for the relief of tense, aching muscles.


Back “Facial” £21 (45 mins)


Keep your back in tip top condition with this full back, neck and shoulder massage incorporating cleansing, exfoliation, mask and moisturiser.  Ideal for congested or dry, itchy backs.  A perfect pre/post holiday treatment.


Full Body Massage- £29 (1hr)  ladies only


Whether you are seeking relief from stiff muscles, tired aching limbs or simply time for total indulgence, this massage will leave you feeling tranquil and refreshed.


Indian Head Massage £14 (30 mins) 


This is a soothing, yet revitalising treatment which is carried out with the client seated, allowing access to the back, neck, shoulders, face and head.  It is a very flexible therapy, as the techniques can be carried out through clothing, or directly on the skin using essential oils, whichever you prefer.  The scalp is also massaged and the hair itself is gently worked, but does not become saturated in oils.  The benefits of this treatment include:


¨                    Increased oxygen supply to the brain relieving mental fatigue, thereby promoting clearer thinking and increased productivity.


¨                   Facilitates the release of endorphins from the brain, helping to relieve pain and feelings of depression.


¨                   Promotes relaxation and so melts away anxiety, improving concentration and alertness.


¨                   Encourages elimination of toxins through lymphatic drainage, thereby aiding the immune system.


¨                   Stimulates circulation which nourishes the scalp, and so encourages hair growth.


¨                   Soothes muscle and nerve fibres, relieving fatigue and tension, thereby increasing flexibility and encouraging better posture.




Cleanse & Make-Up £16 (40 mins)

Cleanse, tone and moisturise, followed by application of professional day or evening make-up.


Make-Up Lesson £23 (1hrs 15 mins)

Comprehensive make-up lesson including colour analysis and full professional make-up.       


Bridal Make-Up £35 (trial 1hr, Wedding Day 40 mins)

Includes pre-wedding trial, professional make-up and a lipstick on the “big” day.


Portrait & Occasion Make-Up £29 (trial 1hr, event 30 mins)

Includes pre-event trial and application of professional make-up.


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Bridal Package £44  /  Luxury Bridal Package £60

Manicure/lux manicure, pedicure/lux pedicure, facial/lux Chi facial and brow shape.


Pre Holiday Package £29


Pedicure, bikini wax, brow shape and lash tint.


Luxury Pre Holiday Package £54


  Luxury pedicure, back facial, bikini wax, brow shape and lash tint.




At the Beauty Studio - £15 per child

Held at your home - price on application


Something dazzlingly different for your daughter, grandchild or niece’s Birthday.  Fed up with burger bars and theme parks?  Then how about glitzy mini manicures for the Birthday girl and her favourite friends?


A Princess Party can be held in the safety of The Beauty Studio (maximum 3 girls) or the comfort of your home (minimum 4 girls).  The Birthday girl and her friends will be able to choose from a wide range of gorgeous colours, glitter finishes and sparkling gems (with mum’s approval) and will each receive a party bag to take home.  Suitable for girls aged 7 and over.


Please note mums are welcome to stay but space is very limited


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Hopi Ear Candling £18 (45 mins)   -  For Ladies or Gents


Hopi ear candling (Thermo Auricular Therapy) is suitable for both male and female clients, of all ages, from children to the very elderly.  Candling is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears.  The “candle” is made from organic cloth, pure bees wax, honey and herbs and is rolled into the shape of a drinking straw.  A filter is inserted at one end of the candle for your complete safety. 


You will be asked to lie on your side and a candle is gently placed in one ear.  The candle is lit, creating mild suction which gently draws air from the ear canal.  This equalises pressure unblocking and soothing the ear and head. The vapours are pleasantly warming which encourages migration of excess earwax.  The process is repeated on the other ear, and a relaxing face massage completes the treatment to encourage lymph drainage.


Conditions which may benefit from Hopi Ear Candling

·                         Painful ears during flights in aircraft.

·                         Excessive, compacted earwax, mild ear infections.

·                         Headaches, neuralgia and migraines.

·                         Sinusitis, rhinitis and tinnitus.

·                         Colds and flu.


                            MALE GROOMING







Traditional Facial


“Between Brow” Wax & Tidy


Gents De-Lux Facial


 Lash Tint


Spot Buster Steam Facial


 Lash & Brow Tint


Face & Back Combo


 Lash Perm












Gents Manicure


 Gents Pedicure


Gents Remedial Manicure


 Gents Remedial Manicure


Gents De-Lux Manicure


 Gents De-Lux Pedicure








Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 

(30 minutes)


 Back “Facial” (ideal for spotty backs)

(45 minutes)


 Back Wax

from £10

 Back & Shoulder Wax     

from £14

 Chest Wax

from £10

 Chest & Abdomen Wax

from £14

 Back & Chest

from £18

 Back, Chest & Shoulders

from £23









Are you a member of a group or club?  Lost for new ideas?  Then why not try something different and book a demonstration.  Tailored to the requirements of your members, everyone will find the session both fun and informative.  Please contact Kayla for further details.



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Introduce a friend and receive 10% off your next treatment.


GIFT VOUCHERS – For Him or for Her


Make someone happy; give a gift they can really enjoy.  Perfect for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Congratulations, Good Luck, Christmas Gift, Thank You or simply to show you care.





The Beauty Studio is open every Saturday, four evenings each week as well as during the day.  As times vary appointments are necessary.  The Beauty Studio is closed on Sundays.  Opening times are very flexible to suit your busy lifestyle and Kayla will always fit you in if she possibly can.  If your preferred time is not available, Kayla will always contact you if there’s a cancellation (if you wish) as superior customer service is what the Beauty Studio is all about.


Please don’t hesitate to phone, even if you have a last minute requirement, as Kayla will always fit you in if she possibly can.




24 Hours notice of cancellation is required, otherwise 50% of the treatment cost will be charged.  The same applies if you are very late or fail to attend.




If you would like a brochure, please telephone or email with your name, address and post code and one will be posted to you.  (The brochure contains the same information as this website).





The Beauty Studio is located on the Reepham Road side of Thorpe Marriott.

It is situated in Steeple Chase (circled above) which is off Felsham Way.


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